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Trivia - May 28 and June 4

Posted by paul fritz on 5/27/23

Question: Love, joy, peace, forbearance and kindness are called the what of the Holy Spirit?





Answer: Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)


Trivia - May 21

Posted by paul fritz on 5/20/23

Question: Which Old Testament book has the most words of any book of the Bible?




Answer: Jeremiah

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Trivia - May 14

Posted by paul fritz on 5/13/23

Question: Who gave this piece of advice in one of his New Testament letters: “Do not let not the sun go down on your anger”?





Answer: St. Paul in Eph 4:26


Trivia - May 7

Posted by paul fritz on 5/06/23

Question: During the Mass, the priest “drops a particle of the Sacred Host into the chalice”. What does this signify?




Answer(s): In the Early Church, the Pope (and other bishops) would send pieces of consecrated hosts to other bishops and priests, who would drop them into ... Read More »

Trivia - April 30

Posted by paul fritz on 4/29/23

Question: Why can’t Holy Water be sold? You may have noticed that Holy Water bottles and similar items for sale, always include a notice: “Holy Water Not Included”. 




Answer: The selling of spiritual goods such as blessings or sacraments is called "simony." (Named after Simon the ... Read More »

Trivia - April 23

Posted by paul fritz on 4/22/23

Question: What does the word “Alleluia” mean?




Answer: Praise the Lord


Trivia - April 16

Posted by paul fritz on 4/14/23

Question: Who was the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus, and was converted to Christianity, becoming a Saint? He was nearly blind and was healed when some of the blood and water from Jesus fell into his eyes.




Answer: St. Longinus



Trivia - April 9

Posted by paul fritz on 4/07/23

Question: How many days make up the “Easter Season”? It begins with Easter Sunday and ends with what celebration?




Answer: The Easter Season lasts 50 days and ends with Pentecost.

Trivia - April 2

Posted by paul fritz on 3/31/23

Question: What is the “Magisterium”?Answer:  The Roman Catholic Church's authority to give authentic interpretation of the Word of God.

Trivia - March 26

Posted by paul fritz on 3/24/23

Question: Who is the Franciscan Saint who spread the Stations of the Cross throughout the world? He built 572 replicas of the Stations throughout Italy alone, with the most famous at the Colosseum, where the Vatican’s Good Friday service is held.




Answer: St. Leonard of Port Maurice

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